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Momentary Lapse Into Twilight is the first piece I wrote which I feel as though I can claim true ownership. Other songs I wrote with other people, whether from high school or where I gained tuition for bass guitar, or on sample-based programmes such as Sony's Super Duper Music Looper.

The name of this piece originally came thanks to my then high school music teacher who, when I showed her the first complete draft, said it reminded her somewhat of the soundtrack from the then recently released Twilight movie. Though I myself have not watched the Twilight movies nor read the books, I took this as a huge compliment. At the same time I did not want to run the risk of plagiarism (even though I still have not heard the Twilight soundtrack), so after quite a few more drafts without a name change, I felt as though it was finished.

The Commonplace Of Dreams came out of my enjoyment of ambient music, per John Foxx, Eluvium and The Dead Texan. Most of my other listening and writing always centered around melody and lyrics; ambient music, however, centres around texture and layers. I hope to write more pieces like this, as long as they all sound different enough to not blur into a long, texture-based drone-fest. At The moment, this piece is my personal favourite as ambient music is nearly always on in the background as I am doing something else - in fact, I am listening to it as I write this now!

Progress In A Colony Of Ants was written as part of a music assessment. Like all my other pieces, I start with an idea and build from there, sans direction and sans visible end point until it comes. And even when that end point comes, I still feel as though I should change the texture or the melody or something to improve it. The way I have it now is not the way I presented it to my teacher when I handed it in. Even the title only came very recently. As with all my other recordings, this one has just sat on my computer, entertaining no one bar myself. But as I was uploading stuff for others' pleasure, I thought I had to give it a name. I could not come up with a better name, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to tell it to someone you know and it may get through to me!

The Repetitive Syndrome Of War is one of the oldest pieces I have kept, but I have always known it as 'The Orchestral One'. Until I had gotten it to a point where I felt it was presentable, I had never really thought of a presentable title for it. While listening to it, I was reminded of all the wars that are going on and that have gone on, and how we as intelligent beings never seem to learn our lessons from happenstance past. Yes, we are reminded of the cost in the aftermath, but all too soon it seems we go back to make the next sacrifice of human life. I am not going to go into a rant here about my views of war, but I am sure I will include it in my blog soon. This piece os some small part of how I feel about it.

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