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I have recently come to the end of my studies at university.

During my time there, I found writing in an academic fashion quite challenging. Except for the couple of things I now know I have a passion for.

Here I have included some of my works which not only received my highest marks, but which are also the ones I most enjoyed passionately writing about. While I am not yet as experientially qualified as I would like to be, I believe the arguments I conveyed in these essays are meaningful and beneficial.

Indigenous Australia

The Dichotomy Of 'Closing The Gap' [2021/06/06]

Language is an intrinsic part of life itself. Without it, groups of people are unable to work together, nor develop their sense of belonging to one another, nor find security in shared culture. All other health and wellbeing outcomes can be seen as flowing from these morays. So too with the power imbalance found in Australia between the seeming disparate cultures of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. The Close The Gap Initiative is seem by some as ...

The Use & Abuse Of Power [2017/05/08]

The use and abuse of power in Australia has existed for 250 years too long. This power imbalance has foundation in three ways: through the hearts of every non-Indigenous Australian as exemplified by myself in my own reflections throughout this subject; through the views and conclusions of scholars and government departments who overlook the importance of non-quantifiable evidences, and; through the repression of Indigenous voices, which are ...

Racism In Australia [2017/06/05]

Racism is the heart of the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It affects most facets of daily life and culture. Racism can be exemplified through three key areas: governmental laws, regulations and policies; the portrayal of Indigenous culture in the media, and; education. While these three areas are not the only parts of life affected by and affecting racism, they provide clear cut examples of the influence of racism in Australia, both past and present. The influence of racism ...

Impairments In Education

Mathematics Through Visual Nuance [2020/06/06]

Elements of the mathematics syllabus are entrenched in visually nuanced requirements. As children grow and mature, they learn to use all the senses provided them in a multitude of combinations. Children's learning is also enhanced by the groups of people surrounding them and how these groups of people teach them through various experiences. Thus, the challenge is how to include all people with the senses they have in a mathematics syllabus which has the potential ...

Mathematics Practically [2020/10/23]

Maths is one of the most important areas because it can help us understand aspects of every other part of life. Whether we're reading a recipe, working out how long it will take us to get somewhere, or budgeting our money so we can get the next holiday, mathematics is integral to how we interact with the world around us. But if we don't have all the knowledge we'd like, we go and find out. If we don't know how to find out, we go and ...

Inclusivity In The Classroom [2019/05/18]

Inclusive education is for every student. Every aspect of the curriculum can be tailored for every students, and can aid in understanding others. This means it is not only teachers who have attitudes towards inclusivity, but students learn the notion of inclusivity as well. Including everyone in opportunities for education and community building should be a central tenet for teachers as they plan, teach, and reflect. The school curriculum should ...

Reflections On Inclusive Education [2019/03/01 - 2019/06/01]

Ten reflections, completed weekly throughout the semester.
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