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With my purchase of a 3D camera came a desire to take photos. For many many years I have seen my Dad experiment with any number of different methods of capturing 3D photos, ranging from slides made from film and viewed in a slide viewer, to two normal cameras attatched to a piece of wood, to a dedicated 3D camera. All have their advantages and disadvantages, as I have found especially in the digital stage I am currently in. I, unlike so many others it seems, do not have access to a 3D monitor, so have to do with red-blue anaglyphs which degrades the colour to an extent. And nor may you, I am unsure. But digital has its upsides too: able to align, crop, and adjust all within a matter of moments. And the programme I use is able to do a pretty damn good job of making a good photo if minimal effort is desired.

Technicalities aside, here is a few of my photos since I have bought the camera. Please have your red-blue glasses ready as you click the links below. However, if you want the same photos in 2D, please click here.

An album of 3d photos taken along Glenraphael Drive, Katoomba. An album of 3d photos taken in Manns Point Park.

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