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This is a question everyone has, from the child who wants yet cannot have all the Hallowe'en lollies in one sitting, to our greatest philsosphers and scholars who desire to know life's meaning. Why? It plagues high school English students, scientists and computer programmers alike. It is not enough for us as intellectual beings to observe, but we also desire to understand. Why?

You may wonder why I made this blog. You may want to understand the reasons behind the publishing of my own inner thoughts, so that all who stumble or search here may find, read and indulge. Why? The reason is this:

Not too long ago I read an article written by one Mr. Stephen Fry on his website, which can be found here. I want you to go and read it because I hope it will move you in a similar way to the way it moved me. Though the part which moved me to start up this blog on my website was this:

"In the end loneliness is the most terrible and contradictory of my problems ... And perhaps I am writing this for any of you who are lonely too. There is not much we can do about it. I am luckier than many of you because I am lonely in a crowd of people who are mostly very nice to me and appear to be pleased to meet me. But I want you to know that you are not alone in your being alone."

There is my reason. I share not for my own benefit - for I do not share similar thought processes to Mr. Fry - but I share for those of you who do. Stephen Fry goes on to say, "I cannot think of many plays or documentaries or novels about lonely people." How sad it is that this statement is true. Such a prevalent human emotion missed by so much of literary history. No book to delve into so that we can commiserate with the protagonist about his or her loneliness, so that we can know that there is someone else out there like you or me.

You might not agree with all I say, nor may you find it all beneficial. But I share for the hope that at least one of you may find comfort that there is someone else out there that has gone through what you are going through, or has felt what you are feeling. To live by oneself in a mind that craves connection is a fate I pray never truly befalls any of us.

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